Maman And Loulou

Encouragement for parents who want to give their child a gift of another language

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you (Maman) take French classes?

During my sophomore year of high school, I took a year of French and made it halfway through before I was caught cheating on a test. At the completion of that class, I don’t think I even remembered a single word. Mostly because my teacher was not a pleasant person. At the beginning of my adult language exploration, I tried to take a few classes at Alliance Français, but they insisted that I was not advanced enough for a level beyond beginner, but that class was relearning numbers and the very bare basics and if I had to learn “Bonjour. Je m’appelle Amanda” one more time, there would have been blood. So the short answer is, non.

What resources do you use for your language learning?

For me (Maman), it is anything I can get my hands on. My daily routine consists of Babbel, Memrise, Duolingo, written exercises and either a verbal communication or a fifteen-minute voice recording. I bought all of the Harry Potter books in French, subscribed to Cosmo in French, watch a variety of videos, films and shows in French, and pretty much cling to anything thrown at me like it is a life raft. I am proud to say that I recently have been able to begin attending French meet-ups! I also utilize the French Together course and Italki.

Bryston does Memrise regularly, largely because he likes to watch his monster change. He also enjoys kids shows and videos in his target language. Sometimes, I can convince him to do written exercises in a sticker workbook that I found. He is a lot more hands on than me and prefers to learn in real life scenarios, like pretending with me.

What does Maman and Loulou mean?

Maman is the French word for mom. Loulou is a French term of endearment that has no direct translation, it is believed to have derived from loup, which means wolf.